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Fort Collins is a vibrant and active community, as well as one of the most exciting places to live in the country! Our residents enjoy neighborhood events, festivals, and concerts all year long in our beautiful parks, streets, and in our thriving downtown. Events provide more than fun, they create opportunities for our community to connect, to express our views, to celebrate our diverse heritage, and to display our creative energy.

The Special Event staff is here to help guide event producers through the permitting requirements and regulations to be considered when planning a special event, block party or demonstration in Fort Collins. We act as a liaison to the various City departments involved in making sure all events are held safely and responsibly. We also serve as a resource for the community, providing information about the many events, festivals, runs, walks, and parades held in the City each year.

Please note that all event organizers along with their employees, officials, volunteers, participants, and invitees must comply with all policies, laws, bylaws, and regulations of all lawful authorities, as well as the Terms and Conditions. The City of Fort Collins reserves the right to deny events that are deemed to be unsafe, unsuitable, or that do not abide by City guidelines, policies, or bylaws. If you have any questions regarding site availability or the suitability of your event, please contact the Special Event Office at (970) 416-2303 or at specialeventcoord@fcgov.com.


If you would like to hold your event in Fort Collins' Old Town Square, please contact the Downtown Development Authority at: (970) 484-2020. For more information on holding an event in Old Town Square, please visit: http://www.downtownfortcollins.org/venues.html.

For events held on City streets, parks, trails or natural areas, please submit an application here.

Click here to view Special Event Permit information and requirements.

For assistance in completing the Event Permit applications, please refer to the Event Guide.

To apply for a Special Event Permit, Block Party Permit, or Demonstration Reservation, you will need to have an account with us. If you don't have an account, please create an account here.

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