Terms & Conditions

Special Event organizers, along with their employees, officials, volunteers, participants, and invitees must comply with all applicable policies, laws, regulations, and the Fort Collins Municipal Code (City Code). Further, such organizers must also comply with the Terms and Conditions of the Special Event Permit.

The City of Fort Collins (City) reserves the right to deny Special Events that are deemed to be unsafe, unsuitable, or that do not abide by applicable policies, laws, regulations, or City Code.


Throughout these Terms and Conditions, the following terms will have the following meanings:

  • APPLICANT means the individual or organization identified in the Event Application.
  • CITY means City of Fort Collins.
  • EVENT means the event identified in the Event Application.
  • EVENT APPLICATION means the online or hard copy application submitted, stipulating the location of the Site and related details of the event.
  • TRASH means all waste, refuse, and litter generated during the event.
  • POWER EQUIPMENT means generators, motorized equipment, refrigeration units, and amusement rides.
  • PFA means the Poudre Fire Authority.
  • SITE means the event location identified in the Event Application, including private property for which the Coordinator makes a specific finding regarding potential impacts to neighboring properties and traffic on public rights of way and sidewalks under Section 23.5-2 of the City Code.
  • TERM means the period of time identified in the Event application.


Applicant will not bring or consume or distribute any alcoholic beverages at the Site except with the City's prior written consent and a valid Special Event Liquor Permit issued pursuant to Chapter 3, Article III, Section 3-83.5 of the City Code. The Applicant will ensure that its officers, employees, contractors, subcontractors, licensees, and permittees comply with the Terms and Conditions of the Special Event Liquor Permit. Applicant will be required to describe how the perimeter of the event will be established (roping, fence, etc.), and how the applicant will keep alcohol from being removed from the event location. For more information on Liquor Licensing, click here.

Amplified or Live Sound

The Applicant will not broadcast music or other amplified sound on the Site without obtaining a Noise Variance from the City pursuant to Chapter 20, Article II, Section 20-27 of the City Code. The Applicant agrees that music sound volumes will be kept to a reasonable level, as defined by Chapter 20, Article II, Section 20-23. For the Noise Ordinance Variance Form, click here.

Application Submission and Review

The permitting process begins as soon as an Applicant submits a Special Event Permit Application online. When the status of the application changes from "Submitted" to "Under Review", the Special Event Office has begun review of the application. If more information is needed during review, the event Applicant will be notified. Once the application is approved and all fees/deposits are collected, and required attachments have been received, the applicant will receive a Special Event Permit for the event via email.

Applications will be reviewed by Fort Collins Police Services (FCPS), Safety, Security & Risk Management, Poudre Fire Authority (PFA), Parks, Traffic Operations, and other applicable departments prior to approval. This review process may require additional time if questions and/or problems with the application arise.

"As Is" Site Acceptance

The Applicant acknowledges that the City has made no representations or warranties as to the state of repair of the Site, the safety of the Site, the stability or state of the soil thereon, or the suitability of the Site for any business, activity or purpose whatsoever. The Applicant accepts the Site "as is". The City will not be obliged to furnish any services, utilities or facilities, or to make repairs or alterations in or to the Site, except as specified herein.

Assignment and Sublicensing

The Applicant will not assign, sublicense, or otherwise transfer to any person the Applicant's rights hereunder without the City's prior written consent.

Cancellation by City

The City reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or reschedule the Event with 48 hours prior written notice to the Applicant, other than in the case of an emergency or the existence of other conditions (including but not limited to adverse weather and site conditions), the City may cancel the Event with less than 48 hours’ notice. In the event of such an emergency, the City will refund to the Applicant any fees paid or attempt to help reschedule the event.

The City reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or reschedule the Event if the Applicant fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions. If the applicant fails to comply, the Applicant is not entitled to any refund of any fees paid, and the Applicant may be liable to pay any additional costs incurred by the City due to the cancellation.

Cancellation by Applicant

The City may, at its sole discretion, refund all or a portion of rental fees and security deposits if Applicant cancels the Event and the relevant facts demonstrate a refund is appropriate.


The Applicant will obey all laws and ordinances of the City, and obtain all permits and approvals applicable to the Event. The Applicant will also ensure that all invitees adhere strictly to these Terms and Conditions. The Applicant will also ensure that the maximum permitted occupancy of the Site, as determined by the Fire Marshal, is not exceeded at any time.


The Applicant will provide electrical power required for the purposes of the Event. Electricity may be used from sources within City parks in some instances. The Applicant must obtain permission from the City Parks Department for the use of electrical sources in the parks.

Event Contingency and Emergency Response Plan

The Applicant must complete and submit an Event Contingency and Emergency Response Plan detailing the plans for response to severe weather, a medical emergency, or other incidents that are beyond the control of the Applicant which may occur during the Event.


The Applicant will pay all security deposits and rental fees as provided in the Application and these Terms and Conditions, prior to approval of the Application and issuance of the Event Permit.


If Fireworks or other Pyrotechnic displays are to be a part of the Event, the Applicant will contract with a Fireworks Display Operator licensed by the State of Colorado. The Application for a Display Permit must be submitted by the Display Operator to PFA for review. The Application and approval of a Display Permit from PFA does not automatically grant permission to deploy fireworks at any event on City property. There may be additional permits required by the affected service area or the City Manager.

Indemnification agreement

Prior to issuance of a permit, the Applicant, and sponsor if applicable, must sign an indemnification agreement. This agreement indemnifies the City of Fort Collins from any liability, which may arise as a result of the Special Event. This needs to be witnessed and signed in the presence of a notary public.


Proof of General Liability insurance coverage is required for most special events occurring on City property. The Safety, Security & Risk Management office will review all permit applications and notify applicants of specific insurance requirements for Special Events.

A minimum of $1 million per occurrence liability policy with the City of Fort Collins listed as “additionally insured” is required before an Event Permit will be approved. Higher amounts may be required based on the event. The event name and dates should also be on the certificate and the policy must be current through the event date.

Permitted Use

The Applicant will use the Site only for the Event as described in the Application and for no other purpose without the City's prior written consent. The Applicant will not prune, cut, plant, damage, or remove vegetation without prior written permission from the City.


The Applicant will remove any equipment, materials, installations or other objects from the Site on or before the expiry or sooner termination of the Term. If the Applicant fails to do so, the City may, at its option, remove any such remaining equipment, materials, installations or other objects and store the same at the sole cost and liability of the Applicant, provided that if the Applicant does not recover such items and compensate the City for any reasonable removal or storage costs therefore thirty (30) days after receipt of written notice to do so, the City may, at its option, dispose of such items and retain the proceeds, if any, pursuant to City policies, without liability for any damage to or loss of any such items.


Depending on the scope and size of the event, Applicant must provide portable restroom facilities as follows: 150 guests per portable unit. ADA compliant accessible portable restrooms must be provided.


City of Fort Collins Police Services will work closely with Applicant to review the security needs for the event. Depending on the size of the event, Police Services may require officers or professional security personnel on-site during the event to protect the safety of people and property. Applicant will be notified of the requirements for police personnel and will be responsible for the cost of those officers.

Poudre Fire Authority may charge large events for services, including but not limited to, on-site walk through, plan review, on-site incident command, on-site emergency care, and fire prevention. The cost of staffing Poudre Fire Authority personnel for the event will be the responsibility of the Applicant.

Sale of Food, Beverage, or Merchandise

Individual vendors selling or distributing food, beverage, or merchandise at the event are not required to obtain an Outdoor Vendor License if a Special Event Permit has been issued for the event. The Applicant must provide the City Sales Tax Office with a written list of all authorized vendors at the Event. Any person who intends to sell any goods or services on the Site must first obtain a Sales Tax License from the City's Sales Tax Office. Each individual vendor will be required to have their own Sales Tax License. The signed license must be displayed and easily visible on the vendor(s) equipment while at the event. The Applicant is responsible for ensuring that the vendors participating in the event comply with these requirements.

If non-packaged food is being sold at the Event, The Applicant must direct the vendors to complete the Larimer County food vendor application.

All vendors at the event who cook or heat food with any flames or deep frying, must comply with the regulations set forth by the Poudre Fire Authority. These vendor requirements are listed on PFA's website, and a copy must be distributed by the Special Event Permit holder to each of the event's vendors prior to the beginning of the event.


The Applicant will prohibit smoking at the Event in accordance with Chapter 12, Article III of the City of Fort Collins Municipal Code. All smoking is prohibited at Events permitted by the City, on City owned property, or in the downtown Fort Collins Smoke-Free Zone. More information on Smoking in Fort Collins, including a map, can be found here.

Staking and Utility Locates

Any staking into the ground deeper than 6" will require a call to the Utility Notification Center of Colorado for Utility Locates (811 or 1-800-922-1987). The Applicant will provide electrical power required for the purposes of the Event. Applicant may schedule a meeting with City Parks staff at least two weeks prior to the date of the event to determine irrigation line locates, electrical needs, water needs, and to discuss any other potential problems associated with the event. Failure to timely schedule and attend this meeting may result in revocation of the Special Events Permit. For the Parks Department, call 970-221-6660.

Tents, Inflatables, and Temporary Structures

The Applicant must obtain a Tent Permit from PFA if the Event will have tents, or other air supported membrane structures greater than 400 square feet (20' x 20'), or any canopy over 700 square feet.

Tents and other structures may not be erected at Civic Center Park until after 5:30pm on a Friday night for a weekend event unless otherwise approved by City of Fort Collins and Larimer County.

Trash, Recycling and Post Event Cleanup

The Applicant will dispose of all garbage generated by the Event daily and immediately after the completion of the Event and will leave the Site in a clean and safe condition and otherwise in substantially the same or better condition than the Site was prior to the Event.

The Site must be cleaned, including power washing if necessary (following the City's Storm Water Policies and Procedures) and all event items removed including trash/recycling containers, power equipment, portable toilets, etc. no later than 6:00 a.m.by the next business day.

The Applicant is responsible for providing appropriate recycling containers for beverages and corrugated cardboard and for disposal of all recyclable materials generated by the Event. The Applicant will submit a recycling plan to the City for the Event. The Applicant will dispose of all recycling materials generated by the Event immediately after the completion of the Event. If applicable, the Applicant will also provide appropriate recycling containers for the disposal of grease and oil and dispose of such material as required by all applicable laws and regulations.

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